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I joined altMFA this year, only a few months ago, but have been attending as regularly as possible within childcare constraints.

My first meeting was a small one where I met two members who were moving imminently to other countries: George to Hong Kong and Paula to Berlin. Shame really, because I would have liked more time to get to know them, as they seemed so damn lovely). Still, Berlin isn’t far and Paula will still be involved in our projects from time to time, and there’s always skype! More on that later…

That first meeting was about collaboratively writing an application for Guest Projects at Shonibare Studios in London Fields. I found out so much about how altMFA works and what it’s done in the past from this one meeting. The application was successful and we will be hosting a month-long ‘International Jamboree’ at Guest Projects focusing “on a new programme, moving on from discussing alternative modes of education (as we have in the past) to putting these ideas into practice. While sharing space, peer-led critique, and other resources, we will invite and work with other alternative education groups to collaborate and create new work through the month at Guest Projects. We feel this project is necessary as an opportunity to interact with other alternative art education groups, as though becoming colleges within a larger university. Our Guest Projects programme will be an intramural meeting of art education groups.”


Pretty snazzy, eh?

Then not long after that, there was another collective application, for ArtLicks. I think altMFA were invited to apply, off the back of their successful involvement last year… so anyway, we’re going to be doing a peripatetic performance and installation tour of Bermondsey, and we will be doing a related practice run at the V&A for one of their Friday Late Takeover events. The whole thing is being curated REMOTELY by George from Hong Kong via Skype (George Major – @GeorgeMaj0r on twitter – the other @GeorgeMajor is a proud Texan dad and deer-hunter, deducing the clues of his profile picture and tagline)

Various permutations of the altMFA group have visited the sites in question: to research and map a possible route for our Bermondsey Artlicks tour; viewing and considering which rooms we will ask the V&A for permission to occupy for our Takeover; and visiting the (then) current Guest Projects artists in their element, on location…

I’ll be sharing more about these projects in the coming weeks, but for now, wanted to share some research photos from Bermondsey Beach, where I’m thinking of possibly performing something…


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