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Following on from the last post, the formmative assessment went very well. I was given 2:1’s for both my modules at this stage with a few weeks remaining so I’m hoping that they will have improved in January.

The past few weeks I’ve done quite a bit of mould making using the sand process and investing. Last week we had an Iron and Bronze pour in preperation for formal assessments, I got the chance to run the furnace for a change instead of pouring. I also took part in my own photoshot, this was exciting and the photographs turned out amazing but quite spooky. I impersinated Myra Hindley to the best I could, the hair,make-up and clothing and am very pleased with the outcome. The inspirtion came from the Marilyn Monroe prints by Andy Warhol as I honestly do think that the mugshot of Hindley is incredibly glamourous looking and her features, especially the hair has a slight resemblance to Marilyn.

My experimentation with resin and organic materials has been a success, especially using objects such as the petri dishes and test tubes. The idea is to display these pieces in a glass cabinet, I was inspired by the exhibition of Damien Hirst in the Tate over the Summer. The rooms with the large glass cabinets with medical and lab equipment were striking and quite a simple idea for a piece of work.