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Back in August…
Mid summer madness perhaps. S and I going in different directions and we live 60 miles apart, and are both out and about a lot so communicating by phone isn’t easy and emails can be confusing. August is that empty month.. Full of holidays and people away.
Researching different things, one uncovering info about witchcraft in Africa, the other doing feminist festivals around the uk.
Outreach to new artists and art places in search of that quintessential witchiness which capitalistic worlds want to exploit (lots of money to be made from Halloween costumes, trick or treat etc) and information of the deeply disturbing child and people persecution of people accused of witchcraft, often an evangelical religious crusade. How do these worlds interact? Answers on a postcard please!
I begin to see how WitCH is the one key stereotype that ptrky (now my shorthand for patriarchy) doesn’t use, except to make money from witch films. Virgin/maiden, femme fatale/seductress/whore, mother of the nation/yummy mummy, are all TOTALLY acceptable to ptrky. WitCH is outsider. She is old, dangerous, ugly and powerful. Whoopee! She is me!