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It is now only 7 weeks to our R K Burt Gallery Exhibition show ‘Paperfields’ and I have used all my available time (5 hours a day, including last weekend) preparing our funding application to help us get there and help with the cost of it all.  35 hours in the past week to get it all ready (and I hope I did a good job!)

It was made a little harder in that it’s for a group exhibition and so I need lots of details from the other artists to get it together and being August with people away made it very hard!

I am relieved to have got it done, and now it is time to get on with some artwork.  I managed to limit what I had to do today to 3 relatively simple tasks, done at the Apple Store Gallery studios in Hereford.  And I took up the kind offer to use their studios today as I wanted to do something messy after all that number crunching and writing onto my laptop!  (My son has been doing a drama activity in Hereford this week, which has given me time – unusually for the holidays – in the middle of the day to work.  My holiday work routine usually involves getting up 2hours earlier than I otherwise would to get whatever I need to do done- then having an active as possible day,  – then getting back to art after dinner.)

I took up any offers of help from others to read through our application as came my way!

Hopefully the next one wont take quite as much time to get done!