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After some PaperFields exhibition prep I got stuck into painting this afternoon.  Worked on several pieces that had already been started (1 yesterday) and another – a large paper roll.  I found a way to clamp it to a stretcher frame – the only way I could paint on it that size today.
Recently in my work I’ve been working through what I see as my battle between writing and painting.  Not literally writing, but the notion really.  I’m missing obvious things again.  And trying to distill what I am doing right down to the essential, listening, writing, painting.  I think too much and it gets in the way of my practice.  So, again, I am simply making work and moving from one piece to the other, lifting the exciting bits and being more daring, pushing what might be there if only I can see (listen) to it.  I’m facing a lot of fear right now in this post college time, which seem insignificant compared with others, but nevertheless is an obstacle I am facing and finding a way to get on with.