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I’m currently looking over my art and projects in photographs on Pinterest: http://uk.pinterest.com/catherinewp/2014-review/

Review of 2014

A year of running before I can walk!


Dissertation, being included in two books (Stitched Time, compiled by Clare Smith) and Dwell book by CollectConnect (also shown some of my work on Magnetic street art in Bath with same group in May) plus being interviewed in the a-n degrees show guide.  Becoming the chair of Framework Herefordshire.  I’ve shown work in Manchester at w0budong exhibition, Young Open exhibition (along with helping to run it), PaperFields London (plus co-ordinating it) and showing at The Print Shed at Christmas.  Graduating, getting the Meadow Arts Graduate Award and The Print Shed residency at the degree show.  Talking at the HCA Drawing Symposium in October and to students in November about Art, Maths and my practice (now being developed into Chaos & Order in Art, generally and in relation particularly to my own work).


Developing practice.
Searching for a studio solution.
Considering and planning own development / path to Masters (Realising need more time for practical than I currently have – no dedicated space I can create mess and find as I leave is part of the problem).
Art/Maths talk development by way of putting it in essay form.
Needing more stimulation – physically being in front of more great art/music/theatre etc.  IN last quarter I’ve not got to many exhibitions due to budget.  Planning to book travel tickets ahead to London to see more.
Developing the PaperFields exhibition into a series – The Courtyard in Hereford late 2015/early 2016 and possibly Hay-on-Wye before that.
Framework Herefordshire organisation – developing my own vision for it and currently applying for funding for website development.  Focussing on 3 main objectives: Website development, Magna Carta project (led by Daisy), the Open exhibition. Other activities to keep going and develop further: peer support meetings (to include learning to mount and frame work at Apple Store Gallery), talking at local college about organisation to promote group and planning the launch event.

The 2 exhibitions I visited this year which stick in my mind are: Matisse – the cut-outs at Tate and The Jerwood Drawing Prize – I saw both of these.  Plus the Mondrian exhibition at Tate Liverpool and at the Turner Contemporary which I missed.

My main practical focus early in 2015 is to gain a studio space – whether that is in my garden or in Abergavenny.  This is especially important as my other half is working from (our very small) home from early January.  Though a garden studio probably makes sense financially – once it’s there, it’s paid for – but I feel I need to be somewhere else for a while.  Have a bit more physical distance between home and my work space.  Having worked at home and at college studio for years, I know I can work at home, but it is not ideal.

2014 has been uncertain and unsettled, but actually very productive until I let admin type tasks get in the way of my practice.  It has been a time of realising though I have
done my BA that was just the time to give me some of the tools I need to develop my own occupation.  A way of preventing admin/screen time being a time-suck is definitely needed.  Practical tasks need to have elevated importance.  After this break during the holidays catching up with family and friends I am very ready to get back to my PaintWrite series, developing Framework, working at The Print Shed (temporary studio space), working with Meadow Arts on publicity and marketing, writing about Chaos/Order Art/Maths and getting into London for more stimulation.   (Particular interest in Fig-2 at the ICA https://www.ica.org.uk/whats-on/seasons/fig-2 where 50 projects are presented over 50 weeks, curated by Fatoş Üstek)