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I saw a call for participants on the re-title (http://www.re-title.com/ ) website a few weeks ago and was fascinated by the possibilities of the possibilities around creating a museum/gallery like installation through borrowed and found items.  This has struck me as very interesting in regards to my own practice, particularly relating to my chaos/order, art/maths and control /influence thinking.  I am particularly excited to be spending some time in Ludlow, which I have only visited once, as I will get to know it through the objects people lend and the unwanted things found abandoned around the town.

Thinking about order, I considered early on in talking about this performance about having short talks, perhaps twice daily or on request, about my chaos/order ideas through images.  Basically a lecture in a nutshell, or maybe a better word could be slideshow / visual talk?

Below is a summary of the project.

The Paradox of Order

Little Museums of Ludlow (at Ludlow Library and Museum resource centre) 13th June – 5th July and Pimlico at Tachbrook Market 19, 20, 26 and 27th June 19, 20, 26 and 27th June

The paradox of order


The Paradox of Order is a project that explores the notion of why we seek order in the world.  One part of the project involves creating “a museum” of objects found/from/about a place, collected, prepared and installed over a set period of time, in as public a place as possible.  The local community is encouraged to lend objects and share the story/history of the object, identifying its significance as part of the collection. (From http://www.paradox-of-order.com/about/4588929818)


Ownership for projects is openly shared– the work will be performed by an informal collective of artists and members of the community who have come togetherto be a part of individual projects.


A group of artists will be installing and running two temporary museums showcasing collections of objects, images and sounds that have a connection to Pimlico or to Ludlow.  Do you have something you could lend?  (We can pick it up, will look after it, and return it to you.)  Would you like to help us set up and run the museum?  During the month of June, volunteers and artists will collect, clean, archive, display and document contributions and found objects.

The artists involved so far:


Teresa Albor, facilitating artist. See: http://www.teresaalbor.com/about/4541736019 Teresa Albor is a multidisciplinary artist, with a studio practice, based in London.  She is interested in site specific projects and working with/within communities, Current investigations revolve around what art is, who it is for, and how and where it is made.

Jean Atkin, poet, will have conversations with members of the community in Ludlow who loan us objects, to document these additions to the collection through poetry.  Shropshire based poet Jean Atkin writes collaborative poetry. It is said that her work has a “historical sense: fact and myth are blended into coherent wholes’, which lends itself to the documentation of museum objects.

Martin Evans, poet, is joining us in Ludlow.  Martin is from a scientific and logic background and will “introduce plausible yet implausible facts about objects.  Poet Martin Evans is drawn to the less appreciated objects in our lives. He is the humourist behind The Welsh Space Agency  and B5105.com.  He is also a founder member of the telegraph appreciation society.

Artist Sian de Jong will be collaborating on both summer “little museums”in Pimlico and Ludlow.  Her practice revolves around the ongoing exploration and attempts to preserve and collect objects. See http://siandejong.weebly.com/artist-statement.html

Kate Morgan-Clare will be performing with us in Ludlow.  She wrote recently: “I’m caught up in the subject of our relationships with objects and their role in holding and projecting ideas about our identity.”

Artist Ash Roberts who happens to be a collector of machinery. http://www.hca.ac.uk/HCA-Live/April-2015/STACK-5

Artist Vivian Barraclough who is interested in collaborative working.

The Little Museum of Pimlico – Teresa has just received confirmation that it can be at Tatchbrook market in Pimlico.  Busiest days would be 19, 20, 26 and 27th June.   If here, the crew will set up anew each day.

So far I am due to be taking part in the Little Museum of Ludlow on 13-19th June.

Arriving on the first day we will be accepting objects on loan and donations of objects for the museum, as well as finding objects to clean, record, draw, talk to the owner to find out details, writing about it, measuring it, displaying the objects.  Arriving with minimal kit, the museum will look quite bare to start.

Before the start I’d like to create a stencil for ‘clean graffiti’ on the pavements of Ludlow, simply with LITTLE MUSEUM and an arrow in the direction of the museum.  (Mon 11th May – I’ve phoned Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire county council to ask permission)

If I get the go ahead from councils then I’d be doing some clean graffiti during the day.

Teresa quote ‘borrow grammar of museum /gallery’.

Both Ludlow and Pimlico performances start when we turn up, not prepared ahead too much.  By taking the ‘art’ out of the conventional white space, Teresa hopes that people who wouldn’t usually go near a gallery will see the performance / take part.  Wider community involvement.