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this morning my sore throat woke me, i sighed and sniffed and realised that i am once again with cold.  undeterred i did my chores this morning in an attempt to carry on as normal.

today does feel normal.


after my feelings based bouncy ride of late, documented on this blog, today feels much more level.


one of my tasks at the moment is to redesign my practice website.  currently it really falls short to give someone a sense of where i am and what i can do.  my on going working relationship with the derby silk mill museum helping me to realise more of my potential.

i know from experience that the consideration of a website is one of many twists and turns.  my approach this time is one of minimalist communication of the three aspects of what i do.



after the last few posts it felt important today to write one that was level and sans emotional overtones.  i needed to get back on the intellectual path and i have tasks to complete upon it.

one apect of my practice i’m starting to enjoy is a newly begun project with the working title refresh.  the above image comes from it.  i have some ideas on how to develop it and i’m liking where it seems to be taking me.

i take a moment to ponder that via a gaze through a window.  i notice two birds balancing on a tv areal.  they make a little dance and they exit their perch.  almost immediately another lands in the vacant space.