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i remembered that time and tide wait for no man.  this is of course ancedotal and for the love of me i can’t remember who told me.  of course how they found out i do not know.

the recent heat wave has abated and my view of the world is with cloud.  i’m tired and my writing is starting to lean toward the obtuse.

a month into the summer job and my level of background tiredness is high.

i stop to survey the room.  the puppy has had a jog walk this evening and is diagonally laying across two seats of a three seater sofa.  i love how a small animal can stretch out to command so much space.

this evening i’ve updated my facebook profile picture, time to accept the passing of dog number one and continue.

the image is a result of a collaboration.

i have to admit my tiredness is starting to hold me back. do you mind if i quickly unpack the last few weeks and make a cup of tea and relax ?

in amongst the summer job i’ve also been doing some education based projects.  one of these was being part of the team representing the derby museums trust at the big bang exhibition at the derby roundhouse.

the second iteration of the drawing machine amused and thrilled visitors and staff alike.  i got this lovely photo just before the doors opened and the madness began.

there were over 100 images made during the show, i’m going to try and select some favourites now to share with you …

in my quick looking over the images again my tiredness short circuited the choices.  that is an in accurate sentence as my tiredness isn’t actually capable of making decisions … so i actually chose 6 images really quickly avoiding the really pristene images as they in part were made my me in the odd times that we were without visitation.

just before i share the images with you i was going to add something more but one of the girls came into the room and i forgot … oh hang on i remembered what it was . …

i was going to say despite the tiredness i’m really enjoying the summer job.