LC: Responses to our call for submissions have started to trickle in. Our deadline is 1 December so will soon be busy reviewing the submissions. Some good quality responses so far.

In the meantime, I am mucking about with paper, getting ready for a swap over with NC.

Will post images soon.



To get the project started, we have decided to each create a piece of work to swap with each other.

This should act as a trigger for each of us to develop secondary work.

In my imagination, I can see how this project will evolve and develop, rhyzome like, but at the start – the kicj off point, it is rather daunting.

We have identified a date for our swap over, and now I have to commit to making something.

Best to start with a list! A list of possible starting points.


Having had confirmation that we were one of the recipients of a New Collaborations Bursary, we have spent time fine tuning and shaping the project.

As we will be opening up our existing collaboration to include other artists, we have also thought about how to select/invite artists to participate in the collaboration. We have written up a call to artists and posted this on various media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, as well as to contacts willing to forward it. It’s the first ‘casting out of our net’. Now it’s a case of waiting for applicants, and selecting those who we feel would be appropriate for the project. Interesting to consider how our decisions and selections will shape the project.

Next on our list is to find a suitable venue in London for our culminating exhibition in a year’s time. (If anyone knows of a suitable venue, please do let us know.)