Wed 30 April:

Third collaboration in, and I feel as though we are airborne. Working in this group has brought about a real sense of working together to problem solve and create together, to share ideas, critique the work we are creating, and work at a level of commitment and trust.

We are inventing. Finding uses for old and discarded things, patching together, strapping, tying, taping, problem solving, discussing, being excited, discovering. The art is in the collaboration as much as it is in the things we are making.

Sat 3 May:

Another energetic session of problem solving and refining. We work as one machine on our machine creation. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in 3’s or as a four, sometimes on our own. All of us engaged in a dance around the creation.

Generosity exists in the taking of risks, in making suggestions even though they may seem silly, in allowing space for other’s ideas.

Other thoughts: I like the ideas that we are making a machine that explores what a ‘work in paper’ can be. A ‘Paper Works’ machine.


In this most collaborative of collaborations, our work is progressing incrementally through trial and error., building on one another’s suggestions and building our machine. We see mundane everyday household objects with fresh eyes, appreciating their form and function and their potential for our machine. It is a delight and a privilege to be able to play in this way.


We have a focal point. With radials. We move up and down these vectors applying our abilities, or adding an extra hand to our colleagues’ offerings. Ideas, editing, chanced “goes” are shared. Momentum is on our side.It’s a contagious enthusiasm.