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A friend linked my recent series of photos to Impressionism.
So, what is Impressionism?

Impressionistic list:

  •  ‘An art of immediacy and movement’ (1)
  • Capturing the ‘sensory effects of a scene’ (2)
  • The impressions objects make ‘in a fleeting instant’ (3)-
  • About ‘candid poses and compositions’ (4)
  • Of sunlight’s transient effects (5)
  • Recording perception and experience (6)
  • Not facts nor details (7)
  • Ordinary matter seen from unusual perspectives (8)

All the above are characteristics I recognise in this series of photos so I’d have to say my friend was right when she linked them to Impressionism.

A bit more: Impressionism’s origins lie with 19th Century Paris-based artists. (9) Impressionists often violated the rules of the medium they used, exploiting the physical properties of their materials (1o)


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