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A creative seminar linked to the IN-SITE project, arranged by Francis Knight  at the University of Kent, Chatham Historic Dockyard, 8th July 2015

I found the discussion about the role the artist has to offer in public projects particularly intriguing. Possibilities:

  • Recorder (1)
  • Researcher (1)
  • Collaborator (1)
  • ‘What if’, expansive open thinker (1)
  • Producer, directing the work of others (1)
  • An enabler, building bridges and understanding (1)
  • One who forces a pause, provoking debate amongst those who think they already have a solution (2)
  • Collaborative provocateur, not to get people’s backs up, but to help others think creatively (4)
  • Can be an independent, self-appointed provoker working without permission to suggest an alternative agenda (2)
  • One who plays – is curious – and invites others to join in the game (3)
  • Maker of work that matters to others (1)
  • Creator, making work that might not be liked by all, but that gets people talking (4)
  • Creating art that changes people’s perceptions of themselves, where the effect on one individual is as important as the effect on general public (5)

1 Tom Littlewood, Ginkgo Projects
2 David Cotterrell, Artist
3 Jo Thomas, Artist and part of Figure Ground
4 Alice Waller, Medway Council
5. Lance Phillips, Physical Folk

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