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Similar tactics as before: use a new still shot, take 30 seconds of film either side of it, play this at 25% speed and draw the results. Repeat this four times, quickly, one after the other. These are the results:


Draw, erase, draw, erase, draw, erase, draw…
Until one loses something of oneself in the moment
The purposefully drawn line stronger…
Than a rushed (failed) attempt to capture everything that speeds past

The nature of the marks made feel similar to those achieved when drawing the previous still but their placement has shifted. This could be accidental but the repeat drawings indicate not. There’s a pattern to the marks made that remains consistent across multiple drawings of the same footage. The drawing may not capture much real – accurate – but does trap something of the essence of the thing in terms of horizontal / vertical planes and density.

If I assemble the final results – glass over print – with a slight gap between them, the results are subtly 3-dimensional. There’s a push / pull effect in terms of the original image, drawing on the surface of the glass and the way reflections from the surroundings interfere with the act of viewing.

What happens if the process is reversed – film footage is projected through a drawn still?

Note, print size reduced from 28 x 50 cm to 24.5 x 43.5 cm – a better, more modest scale that still allows free drawing.


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