Research Proposal

Through making film and performance I am to search for the truth behind Schrodinger’s cat. I have been looking a lot at urban legends. I have found that urban legends often come from a truth. In respect to Schrodinger’s cat this runs along the same ideas. Quantum Physics says that there are two cats a dead cat and a cat which is alive. We won’t know until we open the box, one of these events are true but until we find out a paradox is produced. An urban legend often has two stories a truth and a lie but as years go by this get morphed and twisted. So you can have two realities running alongside each other the truth and the falsity.

Worcester is a historic city with a lot of stories shrouded around the city and the cathedral. Over the summer I heard an urban legend that there is a tunnel that connects Worcester Cathedral to Norton Barracks. This is 2.5 miles. The urban legend say there is a 5 mile tunnel.


What is the Cat?

The cat in this urban legend is the tunnel its self possibly there may be or may have been a tunnel or there could have been a tunnel that was pretty long heading out that way.

What’s in the box?

My film work will look to find what is in the box. My performance work will look to recreate the tunnel figuratively

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I felt that this was my most successful performance to date. It’s be fitting that I feel some closure to my time at University of Worcester. I must send my thanks to all the lecturers who have helped me over the past three years. Also a special thanks to the technicians that have been there to assist me in making my ideas become reality.

Click here to see my final show performance J.M. Tar and I.

I actually felt during this performance that I transformed into an uncontrolled state and I really do not have any recollection to why i did some of the things I did for instance my trousers coming off. I will write more on this in a few days once I have had more time to think and process my thoughts. But bellow are some images to view.


The NAWM work was mixed in with the likes of Richard Billingham which added to the importance of the exhibition.

the small photograph an artist from NAWM sat conformably next to Billingham’s Photograph. the art work was displayed this way around the exhibition. one work that really worked well in the space was Abigail Day’s sculptures from lime stone.

They sat between paintings and photography that discuss environment and scenery. This I felt worked well in fact Day’s sculptures could have been discussing modern architecture and/or brutalist sculpture. It may comment on how this fits within the environments seen within the images around the objects.

I particularly liked the video piece not for the video its self but the installation of the exposed wires that directly talk of the images seen within the video.


Today is hand in day!!!! The end of one journey will start another. In a way my final show will be a combination of all my performances and i particular key elements from the two above. Crows (2017) and Tar and I (2017).

I plan on using the wooden frame and hanging the black treacle from the centre scaffolding pole along side a pillow. 12 other pillows stuffed with duck feathers will surround me on the wooden frame I will tar and feather myself showering in the treacle then ripping open the pillows over me. layering up the feathers in a continuous routine of showering and covering.


Artists involved

Brian Catling – Founding Member

Anet van de Elzen – Founding member

Denys Blacker

Aaron Williamson

Ralf Wendt

Kirsten Norrie

A group of artists That often work along or together, their performances tend to feed of each other. They are very dramatic and they often use plenty of props and costumes. They use each other to produce performances that are visually pleasing and tell a story. This is something that I would like to do in the future with my career in art, I would like to concentrate next year on making something like this in Worcester next year if I don’t get into a masters.

“Wolf in the Winter is an international performance collective. A group of six solo performance artist who come together through the years to make a pack .The essential element that binds the group is a commitment to direct communication that is not splintered by language or clogged in technology. We speak through physical action in a tough poetic about the world around us. Each time we perform we invite one or two other artist to join us, thus keeping the packs manifestations fresh and vital. We also actively vary our venues and audience. Making work in Greenland for a ninety percent Inuit audience. Haunting Spanish industrial towns with no previous experience of contemporary art. Working in Dorchester Abbey from Dusk to dawn. Smuggling ourselves into theatrical festivals as well as being invited to perform in significant culture centers like Fierce Festival Birmingham, Modern Art Oxford, the Württenbergischer Kunstverien Stuttgart, Germany, the South London Gallery and the National Review of Live Art.” ( 2017)


Milk and Blood and Fanko B is something that I can really appreciate. Franko B makes his own costumes (?) or at least designs them. He has political basis to this work but though the name suggests that there is blood involved in the performance. There is not. Knowing Franko B’s performance work this builds a tension due to the brutality of his past performances. This is something I am interested in.

“Milk & Blood appropriates the aesthetics of boxing for thirteen two minute rounds of mental and physical endurance. Exploring themes of pain, eroticism, revulsion, ecstasy and masculinity, the performance becomes a metaphor for social struggle and the ability to overcome. ”( 2017)