BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts London.

Speaking about his work, Jonah Fried says:

“My practice revolves around mark-making as an aid to my core research, which looks at uniqueness and mass production. In my quest to understand what uniqueness and mass production is, I realised it is not as simplistic and binary as I once perceived.

“I attempt to explore this hinterland between uniqueness and mass production within my work. In grasping this spectrum, it has influenced my painting to represent the finite and the infinite together. The work suggests an inclination for mark printing, usually found in big-scale production, but the particularities of every single painting renew this delicate union between repetition and uniqueness; uniqueness has become the pattern.”

Jonah Fried on Instagram

Degree Show: Taking place both online and physically, dates and location are yet to be confirmed.

1. Jonah Fried, Unit, mixed media, 2020.
2. Jonah Fried, Dot Dot Dot, mixed media on printed fabric, 2019.
3. Jonah Fried, painting installation, spray paint, 2019