BA Fine Art and History of Art, Goldsmiths’, University of London.

James Southall-Ford manoeuvres the interdependency of technology and matter, bringing together natural and highly fabricated materials.

“These works contemplate manufacturing, extraction, swamp environments, and their topographical interrelations whilst combining the industrial with unpredictable processes, found detritus with concrete and fibreglass. The installation of objects and works is equally paramount, its displaying referring to organisations of knowledge. Throughout is a great provisionality, with makeshift and fragile works decaying to the point of collapse; seeking to disrupt the capitalist logics saturating our lives,  the works, in their heightened materiality, reject our destructive systems and their falsehoods.”

Instagram: @goldjartist

Degree show: ‘The Alternative Degree Show’, 17-23 June, Lewisham Arthouse and other venues, Deptford, London.

1. James Southall-Ford, Asymmetrical Digging Session, ceramics, earth, engobe, inkjet prints, jesmonite, plastics, steel, and wood, dimensions variable, 2020-21.
2. James Southall-Ford, Composite Search, burnt matter, concrete, earth, plastics, steel, and wax, dimensions variable, 2020.
3. James Southall-Ford, Attempted Referring to Transitory Networks, 3D-printed ceramics, earth, graphite, MDF, raku glazes, steel, tubing, and water, 200x200cm, 2021.