Curious Projects, project space & gallery
Saturday, July 4, 2015
Friday, September 18, 2015
The Labyrinth, 7 Mark Lane, Eastbourne BN21 4RJ
South East England
Curious Projects, project space & gallery

‘A Vernacular History Starting With The Golden Rhubarb’ is a sculptural work that explores the fetishism of anthropological objects. The objects presented were inspired by artifacts found in Rome; each one picked for its particularly absurd and often implausible historical narrative or for the bizarre way tourists are required to interact with it. However the artist’s sculptural renditions do not seem rooted in real history but in some other parallel reality. By throwing together these sculptural entities the artist weaves a new narrative inspired by a satire from the Middle Ages about Joan who became Pope by pretending to be a man. The vitrine-like space provides the ideal platform for these saccharine, candy-coated objects to appear as sacred and valued talisman.

Candida Powell-Williams’ work often opens up multi-layered narratives: she plays with the effects of (re)telling stories, drawing from a myriad of reference points and adding red herrings along the way.

She studied at the RCA and shortly after became the recipient of a Sculpture scholarship at the British School at Rome. Last year she was invited to create an installation for the Hayward Gallery’s Concrete Cafe and had a solo show at BosseandBaum in London.

Images: Previous work by Candida Powell-Williams.