Friday, April 21, 2017
Saturday, April 22, 2017
41 Spelman St, London, E1 5LQ
We Are Alma

Aoife van Linden Tol, Sean Rogg, Gui Pondé, Ana Lumack, We Are Alma

Explosive installation will be live from 9pm-10pm each night
Live musical journey by We Are Alma at 8pm and at 10pm
Bar open 7pm-11pm

Please beware of uneven surfaces when moving around the building. There will be fire and smoke. For your own safety, please keep your distance from the explosive installation as instructed AT ALL TIMES. If the smoke becomes uncomfortable you will be allowed to leave. If you are asthmatic please inform the steward and follow their advice.Materials may be used in the installation which could stain garments.

ALMA is a contemporary arts event featuring powerful and moving work from leading London based creative practitioners Aoife van Linden Tol, Sean Rogg, Gui Pondé and Ana Lumack as well as We Are Alma, a performance collective formed as a direct response to the project.

Held at The Alma, a derelict public house in the heart of the East End, this unique event will see the artists breathe life and fire into the building one more time before it is razed to the ground for development.

ALMA was conceived as a unique opportunity to bringing diverse multi-disciplinary practitioners together to display their video, movement, installation and explosive works over four separate floors in this inspiring Victorian building. At once visual art exhibition, performance space and experimental playground for the artists. The public are invited to wander through the building and experience ambitious works presented in the context of its crumbling frame.

The bar will be serving two specially commissioned beers, blended from the exact 1854 brewer’s recipes recovered from the Alma archives, created using replica yeast strains and matching water content.