Patricia Fleming Gallery
Friday, November 8, 2019
Thursday, April 30, 2020
Patricia Fleming Gallery 2nd Floor, 60-64 Osborne Street Glasgow G1 5QH
Patricia Fleming, Glasgow

For the residency Colvin is exploring the concept that everything and nothing can happen in a second; moments are experienced in a relative way, and as such time becomes a mutable material to manipulate and observe.

Over six months, Colvin will expand on her proposition When does a second become a moment? by bringing together a series of ephemeral single channel works made over the last three years. Multiple online iterations, or episodes, as well as gallery and off-site events will come together to form a never ending filmic journey. By slowing down the way we consume and relate to time-limited exhibitions, Colvin allows for a deeper connection between the viewer and the artist’s practice.

Time is given to meaningful human interaction and offers alternative spaces to encounter the artist’s work. Colvin’s moving image work conjures mystical spaces, intimate reflections and pauses, exploring temporality, memory and place, suspended moments in becoming.

Colvin will also begin the making of a poetry journal, which over time builds into a new poetry edition. Poetry is present in Colvin’s practice alongside her film works, and is often incorporated into them. Like her films, Colvin’s poetry exists as assemblages of memories, thoughts and inspirations.

When does a second become a moment? introduces the artist and her process to a broader audience by focusing on the distance – both temporal and physical – that is cultivated between the artist and the public within the discourse of contemporary art and digital culture.

(Image: still, “One Minute 25 Seconds”, 2018. Single-channel video, dimensions variable).

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