Wednesday, February 26, 2020
07:00 PM
South West England

Our February Art Bar speaker is Lisa Scantlebury, artist and co-director of Plenderleith Scantlebury fine artfabricators based at Spike Island, Bristol, who will be discussing her art career to date.

Lisa describes herself as an itinerant artist with strong public outreach and is fascinated by what the role of an object is, its aesthetic function, how it operates in a gallery, and its functional function (for want of a better phrase) – or how it operates in the world.

Born in Essex, Lisa grew up next to the clay pits in South Ockendon, London, where the clay was mixed into a slurry and pumped under the Thames to the cement works in North Kent. Privet bushes were her main source of entertainment – she would jump into the dense foliage and enjoy how it caught her impression. She later studied Ceramics at Cardiff Institute where one of the projects was to dig up and study clay from her home town. At the same time she wrote down the recipe on how to make a privet ash glaze, not really recognising the significance at the time. 25 years later she returned to her hometown and collected the privet trimmings (from the same bushes she’d earlier  jumped into), and is currently making a privet ash glazed pot. She has recently had a solo show at Test Space, Spike Island and was selected to show at the ‘167 Annual Open’ and ‘Sculpture Open’ at the RWA in Bristol.

All talks are FREE, no booking required, arrive at 7pm to grab a drink and pizza with talks starting at 7.30pm. To find out more visit  and @ClarkBagnall

The Art Bar is a free event (and not for profit) at Renatos next to Bristol Old Vic theatre on King Street. Talks are on the last Wednesday of every month, arrive at 7pm, grab a table, enjoy a drink, share a pizza, and join us for an informal talk and q&a starting at 7.30pm, followed by a chance to meet fellow artists and creatives…