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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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MA Fine Art, UCA Farnham

In a time of uncertainty and under radical constraints, we have found new ways to communicate and manifest our diverse practices. Exploring the newly emerging social and cultural energies, the work seeks ways of transcending conventions, the limitations of ideologies and restrictive belief systems.

In the standard manner boundaries refer to an actual line, marking the limits of an area, but the notion of boundaries extends well beyond this to include the psychological, social and conceptual. The work speaks of our personal space, of the dividing line between cultures, going beyond the limits of the ordinary, and of transgressing social norms. It acknowledges the idea of the liminal – a space in between; recognizing that lives are lived within, on the edge of real or imaginary lines and boundaries.

The work in Beyond the Boundaries investigates the function of borders, crossed thresholds, dimensions of time and confronts our entanglements with technology, our digital past and digital futures. It consorts with notions of the alien, the stranger and the allure of the unknown. It examines a wide range of concepts; of home, place and space, reassessing the dynamics of the private and the domestic, the breaching of natural boundaries through human intervention, and the complexities of chaos and chance, intrinsic to seemingly orderly systems.

Central to the work of the artists in the show is the impulse to explore, to question, take risks, to critically examine and offer insights from both sides of the telescope, of pressing worldwide issues and private human intimacies. From narrative depictions on canvas, to the excavation and representation of objects, the work attempts to find new ways to challenge prevailing conventions. The diverse works in the show communicate a powerful unity in diversity.

All the work will be showcased through Instagram at @undertowprojects, an exciting new curatorial plat- form initiated by MA Fine Art Farnham artists, and at @mafineartucafarnham. A series of artist talks and workshops will be posted on Instagram Live TV through @undertowprojects. The zoom launch will be host- ed by artist and lecturer Louise Ashcroft on Tuesday 2nd March from 3-4.30pm.

For the zoom launch link please contact: Lucy Bevin [email protected]
Liz Clifford [email protected] or Andrea Gregson [email protected]
For Beyond the Boundaries live events visit: @undertowprojects | @mafineartucafarnham

Artists: Robert Adlam | Thomas Best | Lucy Bevin | Liz Clifford
Rups Cregeen | Mofe Demuren | Noelle Genevier | Robyn Jacobs | Michael Kelly Dawn Langley | Li An Lee | Kate Madden | Catherine McCaw-Aldworth | Janet McWilliam | NanoHour | Dana Phillips | Stef Will | Dean Wright