Phoenix Leicester
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
07:00 PM
4 Midland St, Leicester LE1 1TG
East Midlands
Videoclub & Videotage

Both Sides Now 3 – Final Frontiers brings together a collection of film and video from China and Hong Kong that explores displacement, migration and memory. The films explore developments within the culture and society of Hong Kong and China over several decades, including work which reflects on the ongoing dynamics of cultures in Hong Kong, China, and the UK.

The programme contains work by some of Hong Kong and China’s most exciting artists working in film and video, and varies between animation, documentary and artists’ moving image.

The programme includes the following work:

  • Oranges on the Ground, Doreen CHAN, 2016, 3’43”, HDV
  • Boyfriend, Jennifer CHAN, 2014, 6’28”, HDV
  • Film2 HK, 1995, Dorotea ETZLER, 1997, 5’35”, HDV
  • H_CNY: Happy Chinese New Year!, Tiffany FUNG, 2016, 1’56”, HDV
  • Abandoned refugee prison – “The Rock”, HK Urbex, 2015, 4’22”, HDV
  • A love story: between the strait, Chun-yu LIU (Clare), 2015, 6’05”, HDV
  • Trailers, Susan Pui San LOK, 2015, 4’00”, HDV
  • And Counting, Art JONES, 2011, 11’59”, HDV
  • Portrait of the artist as a cultural worker, Zoran POPOSKI, 2010, 19’47”, DV
  • As you sweep the room imagine that the broom is someone that you love, or Sport, Ka-Man TSE, 2010, 3’17”, HDV
  • Dark River, Chi Jang YIN, 2010, 6’05”, DV
  • Lepus, WANG Yue, 2015, 4’57”, HDV

The UK Final Frontiers moving image programme has been curated by Videotage (Hong Kong), exposing some of the best filmmaking emerging from China, Hong Kong and beyond.

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