Brighouse Festival
Saturday, October 22, 2016
12:00 AM
Wellington Arcade (opposite Wilkinson's), Brighouse
Brighouse Festival

Brighouse Festival 2016: Community Scrapbands

Drop in/out free percussion-based music activity involving passers by, using items of junk. Suitable for all ages.

“Community Scrapbands” has an effective waste reduction policy. It aims to reduce waste by hitting it repeatedly with a stick.

Bash Stuff and Save the World! Beats Recycling! Come and make some at least vaguely co-ordinated noise by hitting things with a stick. Steve Barbe runs a project called “Community Scrapbands”. That’s a thing, and it does what it says WITH the tin. He is an experienced drummer, facilitator and community musician.

Bring some trash to bash or just hit some empty cans and things you’ll find on offer. Kids love it, and grown ups are encouraged to demonstrate their rhythmic prowess or otherwise while celebrating their oneness with the universe on an old kettle.

Saturday 22 October, 1-5pm

Wellington Arcade (opposite Wilkinson’s), Brighouse