Call for Partners for a Touring Exhibition in 2019-2020
Sunday, May 14, 2017
Sunday, May 31, 2020
Your favourite gallery or exhibition space
Across UK

Suitable for major galleries and local museums alike, perfect partner for venues with community outreach programmes encouraging self-taught, naïve and outsider artists from all backgrounds and in any media.

Working Title: “Asking the Moon”

Project leads are Melanie Hodge, a British naïve artist, and Elizabeta Wagner, a Croatian curator of naïve art, supported by The Association of British Naive Artists and The Croatian Association of Naive Artists. We have the contacts and experience to pull this project together, but need financial sponsors, gallery/museum partners, and your support to make it happen. It is an ambitious project that feels like ‘asking for the moon,’ but we are passionate about bringing the best contemporary naïve art to you and hope you will help.

The exhibition will feature approximately 20 British and 20 Croatian artists, with one medium sized work each (smaller works which form part of a diptych/triptych also possible), selected on the originality and technical accomplishment of the work. Ideally the exhibition will tour the UK over autumn/winter 2019 and Croatia over spring/summer 2020. Dates and further touring opportunities will depend entirely on funding, sponsors, partners, and venues all being in place.

At this time we are looking for:

  • the very best British and Croatian naive artists working today to consider for inclusion in the exhibition (we know many, but you may know someone new),
  • programmes, galleries and museums interested in partnering with us and/or interested in hosting the exhibition as it tours,
  • individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in sponsoring us or helping us to fundraise for this exhibition, and
  • arts education or outreach programmes working in their communities to promote mental and emotional well-being through the arts to partner with us.

If this project interests you – as an artist, art historian, curator, gallerist, museum coordinator, or potential funder, or might interest someone you know – please get in touch!


Contacts: Melanie Hodge:, [email protected],

Elizabeta Wagner:, [email protected]


And for more about the passion behind this project please read the associated blog post here.