Platform A
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Friday, June 30, 2017
platform-a gallery, middlesbrough railway station, zetland road, middlesbrough, ts1 1eg
North East England
Platform A

The exhibition project was initiated by Sarah Tulloch as part of an ACE grant to complete her first artist’s book, ObjectImage, with American publishers, Daylight Books. Alongside the publication launch, Sarah was keen to work with other North East artists with similar concerns over an extended period, to produce new bodies of work for public exhibition.

Through the use of the cut-out and sculptural assemblage, the artists of Category Error examine idiosyncratic ways of working, both individually and collaboratively, where making and exhibiting become research tools to examine parochial, subjective approaches to ‘collage practice’ itself. The artists deliberately employ category ‘errors’ that blend abstraction with the figurative, parts with the whole, and thinking with making. These ideas have been forming over a period of several months via investigations into their shared roots in movements from Dada to Arte Povera and Arte Útil. Discussions, studio visits to examine each other’s ‘hoards’ of collage materials, and a research trip to the exhibition of Hannah Höch’s collages at the Kunsthalle, Mannheim have allowed them time to reflects on an ideology that questions value placement and explores entropy and fragility over monumentality.