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Workers Gallery

Contemporary nonconformist chapels in Wales continue to play an important role within their respective communities. Despite a decline in worship over many decades, a significant number of these buildings can still be found in hamlets, villages and towns across Wales.

Chapels with names such as Zion, Nazareth and Tabernacle evoke their biblical referents whilst summoning visions of the great religious revivals in Wales. Other chapels with names such as Harmony, Rock and Gospel are more suggestive of oral traditions that include charismatic preaching and earnest congregational hymn singing. Not least, it is recognised that many nonconformist chapels played a key role in the survival of the Welsh language and were important in the continuity of Welsh cultural life.

Today, some chapels continue their religious ritual and funerary activities, whilst others have been converted for non-religious use. Excellent acoustics make chapels ideal as musical performance venues, recording studios and locations for choral practice. Their uncomplicated architecture also makes them popular for commercial use and conversion into private dwellings.