Saturday, May 15, 2021
Friday, May 28, 2021
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Shetland
Aimee Labourne @a.labourne

Da Voar Draw is a new artist-led initiative beginning with a series of daily activities on Instagram and Facebook @a.labourne. Take a fresh look at the natural world through drawing, with artist Aimee Labourne.

Join us for a series of online creative activities, 15th to 28th May 2021, exploring drawing and nature! Here in Shetland, ‘Da Voar’ in dialect simply means spring – a time for renewal and also for preparing for the coming year. In a similar way, processes of drawing encourage renewed looking and close observation of nature, as well as ways to ‘think on paper’ and share ideas. 

To start creative connections in the north east of Scotland, participation is welcomed from individuals based in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Orkney or Shetland who have a drawing practice or interest in drawing.

No formal art experience or education is required! So whether you are a professional artist or make art in your spare time, this is an opportunity to allow new ideas about drawing and nature to grow.

FREE  |  Simply draw along and use #DaVoarDraw to share your work. You can also post in the event discussion over on Facebook.

Free starter materials packs are also available!

 To request a pack please CLICK HERE to complete a form by FRIDAY 7th MAY.

Numbers of packs are limited, but you can use your own drawing materials to join in if you have them. We will be using a simple range of materials – drawing / mixed-media paper, a small range of pencils (e.g. 2H, HB, 3B, 5B), charcoal, white chalk and a sepia-toned sketching pencil.

For any questions, please contact Aimee at [email protected]

Supported by Look Again as part of the Create Networks programme.  @lookagainabdn 

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