Saturday, June 5, 2021
06:00 PM
Across UK
Ruth Calland

In these dark times we find out what we are made of; a time of transition for individuals and societies. Alchemy is all about transformation from one state to another, the pursuit of a deeper truth as precious treasure. Alchemists were engaged in the Middle Ages with a physical process, trying to turn base materials into gold through a series of chemical processes, a metaphor for the transformation of the soul. There had to be a nigredo, a dark night of the soul in order to purify it. Death and decay, destruction of the old to make way for the new, are both real and symbolic in these precarious times of ours.
Panel discussion with Ruth Calland, project curator and Jungian analyst, Paula MacArthur, chair of Contemporary British Painting, Cherelle Sappleton, mixed media artist, Stephanie Moran, co-founder of the Marmite Prize for Painting, and Nick Medford, neurosurgeon. Chair: Lucy Cox. This event is in advance of the Darkness at Noon exhibition at A.P.T. Gallery in November.