Castlefield Gallery
Friday, October 31, 2008
Meet at Manchester Piccadilly Station.
North West England

This night walking tour will investigate the culture of night workers. At 8pm at Manchester Piccadilly Station on the overladen date Friday 31 October, Fabyc invites you to meet "Deidre Divine" an older streetwalker at Manchester Piccadilly Station and take a walk to the east of the Station mapping the cameras and the punters as we walk, the journey will end back at the Station at 10pm. Last night near my London home a gang fight involving about 40 teenage and early twenties males broke out… A boy I know ran out of his house brandishing a large knife.. As far as I know everyone was OK this time… Four years ago on the same corner someone was knifed to death in a similar fight. Would a CCTV camera on this corner have any impact on preventing such events or would it merely succeed in moving the "problem" elsewhere? A quick perusal of online cameras reveals that a large number of them have been paint bombed anyhow. " Fabyc is creating a melange that investigates the collision of council policies with personal stories and political movements such as the Feminist Reclaim the night March – a march about women's right to feel safe on the streets at night which traditionally takes place in October each year."