Dart Gallery
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Saturday, March 22, 2008
4 Lower Street, Dartmouth TQ6 9AJ

STEWART EDMONDSON Stewart Edmondson was trained as a Landscape Architect which seemed a good combination of his interests in biology, geography and art and design. But his love of the environment took him to work for many years with children in environmental education. With the birth of his son Luis in 2002 the irrepressible urge to paint took over. His inspiration comes from the raw, alive landscape within a few miles from his home. He paints on location in all weather, with a fishing shelter at hand to keep the rain off and chooses whatever is most alive for him at that moment in time – fields of Buttercups at the peak of their flowering, threatening storm-clouds over the tors or the rivers. His style is energetic, which makes it difficult to paint on a small scale, scraping and splattering paint passionately in amongst more considered brushwork.