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Thursday, August 4, 2022
Friday, September 2, 2022
Across UK

“Doodling for me is absolutely the essence of creativity, getting us out of our heads and allowing our deepest intuitive sense to reign free. It is quite possible to doodle on something specific, as long as one empties one’s mind and starts not knowing what will happen. It is best too if there is a time limit – that stops any tendencies there might be to amend or to judge. We need to accept what happens. I have chosen works which have done that, in which the artist has been brave enough, open-minded and excited to go into the unknown.”


‘Doodle’ is a small selection of works by members of ArtMakers reflecting this open approach to creating new original work.

Welcome to our world of virtual gallery exhibitions.

This brief introduction is provided as many people will be new to viewing original artworks within a virtual gallery.

In our virtual gallery you are able to ‘walk’ around the space, close in and stand back from an artwork, and click on it for a larger view and the artist’s details, including the price of a work and a link to buy. Please note the prices are in US dollars but if you click on the link for details, or to buy, the price is shown in UK Pounds.

This Virtual Exhibition space can be viewed on any digital device desktop, tablet or mobile – Mac or Android. Within the Exhibition work is displayed on the gallery walls. You are able to move around the exhibition using the six arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You are also able to move from one artwork to the next by pressing the ‘Next’ button. Click on a particular artwork and you will be moved to it.

Please click on an individual artwork to view it in detail and on ‘Learn More’ for all the details. Here you will also find a buy button, a link to send us an enquiry, a link to the artist work in our online gallery.

Two clicks and you are there.
NOTE: Images in the exhibition have been enlarged to aid your viewing. The actual size of the works may be

seen in Learn More when you click on each artwork, and when you visit the artwork itself in View More.

ArtMakers is a not-for-profit network of artists and makers based in north Devon, UK, a rural community on the coast of South West England. ArtMakers aims to support, raise awareness and celebrate the rich and diverse work being created in this area of outstanding natural beauty.