The Muse at 269 Gallery/Studio
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Sunday, May 3, 2015
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR
The Muse at 269 Gallery/Studio

Opening Night:
Wednesday, 15th April,

16 April – 3 May 2015
‘Dreams are an important source of my painting; not in the sense that I tried to copy dreams onto canvas like for like, but rather that my paintings draw from the same source, making use of logic and language typical to dreams. Hence the title of my show: Dreamology.
The visible world bears little inspiration for me. Most of my pictures are images of the kind that appear when the eyes are closed. Not being subject to any -ism, each painting represents a world in itself. Putting the paintings into academic art history categories doesn’t help, indeed it even could obscure what’s there. That’s why it’s so satisfactory to bring children into exhibitions; they will talk about what they see, not what they know.
And anyway – paintings are mirrors, they show the one who is looking at them. ‘ /Raya Herzig/

Born in Kartuzy, North Poland.
Her childhood was war and German camps. RAYA, completely self-taught, started painting in 1970 after a visit to her childhood places in Poland. Since then she has shown her paintings all over Europe in over 30 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. RAYA lives in Exeter, Devon.
“Art in itself is an expression of hope, the ultimate opposite to the deadly silence of despair. I see Art as a specific way of life, with its very own language. This language develops throughout an artist’s life. It is personal, but still takes influences from all sides, as does any language that isn’t formal, stale or dead.”