Street Level Photoworks
Saturday, February 9, 2008
Saturday, March 22, 2008
48 King Street (1st floor) Glasgow G1 5QT

‘Ethereal’ is a photographic body of work depicting light interventions in remote locations. An artificial source of light was placed near or in water, illuminating the immediate area and creating a surreal focal point. As the title suggests, Healy is alluding to the notion of an image of a spiritual being, ‘the miracle I prayed for as a child’. This miracle or glimpse of ‘heaven’ has always been proof for the faithful, an historical event recorded but never expected to be witnessed in person. These photographs are how you expect a miracle to look, as told to you by the bible, the church and through painting’s, now infused with associations of sci-fi and imagery from films. Healy is interested in the symbolic use of light and water within many religious and spiritual groups throughout history. The images are theatrically staged and portray these natural elements in such a way as to uplift the viewer , who is drawn by the real landscape, which is distorted and manipulated by an unnatural source. Healy’s practice centres on sculptural installation, site-specific artwork and photo-based projects. Recent exhibition include the Dick Institute (Kilmarnock), and The Project Room (Glasgow).