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Saturday, February 27, 2016
Sunday, March 27, 2016
The Courtyard Gallery The Collection, Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire Danes Terrace Lincoln LN2 1LP
East Midlands

I indicate left off the A180 and then right to nowhere. I glide around Europarc Way roundabout – progressing along Lakeside. The sun momentarily catches the rainbow in the fountain mist. I continue my journey past the former Kerry factory, Daniels Food factory and Autotrail. I indicate left and pull over. 

 Time is suspended on Genesis Way.

 I observe the birds sitting on the roof of Haith’s Bird Food factory. Melancholy and europhoria intersect. Vacation. Intermission. A europarc bus pauses outside The Innovation Centre. I stall for a while and gaze at the subsiding tarmac.


Marc Renshaw has a long-established interest in non-places and transitional zones which include motorway services, airports and business parks. The artist’s local research point is europarc – the flagship business park of North East Lincolnshire and its surrounding environs.

The exhibition includes short fiction, research, film, marketing materials, drawing and artefacts discovered on the site.

Marc: ‘I first came across the europarc in the local paper around 2003 having re-located to North East Lincolnshire from Cambridgeshire the previous year. I can recall a promotional feature accentuating  steel and glass constructions along with the positive attributes of the business park to the Northern Lincolnshire economy. Over the years, I’d sporadically visited the site on my way home from work, and even had employment at a food processing factory plant there through a temping agency – thus it became the focus of my practice and research.

Marc continues:

I like to pull over in my car and escape for a moment in an environment that is a place of work for many, employing over 2000 local people. Conversely, it is a stop-off but also a place of work for myself in my role as an artist as I explore the fringes of this corporate environment.’

Marc will also be in the space reading excerpts of research and short fiction at a drop-in event on 12.03.16 between the hours of 10am – 12 noon and then from 1pm – 3pm.

Marc has exhibited nationally and internationally over the years – most recently showing europarc inspired works at The International DongGang Photo Festival, South Korea and Our Corporate Headquarters,  Welshore Hub, Ealing, London.

He continues to live and work from his rural base in the village of Keelby, North East Lincolnshire.

More details about the artist’s practice can be found on his website: