Vittoria Street Gallery
Monday, April 1, 2019
Thursday, April 18, 2019
82 - 86 Vittoria Street
West Midlands
Vittoria Street Gallery

Vittoria Street Gallery is delighted to present FERROcity an exhibition of jewellery and objects which celebrates Iron in the City and has been co-curated by visiting Professor Elizabeth Turrell and Professor Stephen Bottomley at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

On show during April 2019, this exhibition brings together fascinating artistic responses to the theme of iron by twenty-two contemporary makers, including works by academic staff from Birmingham’s eminent School of Jewellery and invited international artists.

Iron is a material that has become synonymous with human life and civilisation and as such has become embedded in both our language and understanding of the world.

FERROcity showcases a breadth of approaches to this fascinating but familiar material. Ideas explore the interpretation and influence of Iron as catalyst, material, and fundamental element of life, culminating in contemporary metalwork and jewellery ranging from steel vessels to recycled iron nail jewellery. Alongside this gemmological samples and photography taken on specialist microscopes has been commissioned from the Gemmology department at the School of Jewellery which captures the transformative effect iron has on the colouration of gemstones.


School of Jewellery:

Dauvit Alexander, Jivan Astfalck, Stephen Bottomley, Jeremy Hobbins, Bridie Lander, Anna Lorenz, Sarah O’Hana, Drew Markou, Toni Mayner, Jo Pond, Rebecca Steiner, Elizabeth Turrell.

Invited artists:

Marianne Anderson, Tim Carson, Rachael Colley, Bettina Dittlmann, Christine Graf, Kirsten Haydon, Michael Jank, Joohee Han, Simone Nolden Jo Pudelko.