St Augustine's Tower
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Sunday, October 14, 2018
Mare Street, Hackney E8 1HT
Degrees of Freedom

A mini festival of arts, performance and interaction at the historic St Augustine’s Tower in Hackney

Opening Evening Sat 6th Oct, 6-8pm
Private View Wednesday 10th Oct, 6-8pm

A group of international artists have come together to fill the Tower with inventive artworks and performances, exploring the concept of “space” in all its forms: architectural space; public space, sacred space, poetic space, and the space in which our lives are lived.

Many of the installations are interactive and participative: an orchestrated duet between the Tower’s 300 year old clock and the visitor’s timepiece; an invitation to walk a labyrinth; a participative installation challenging transgression of women’s personal space;  an olfactory tour of the Tower; and a performance taking the visitor through a musical soundscape.

There will be 23 artworks and performances in and around the Tower creating a joyous mix of thoughtful, challenging and humorous experiences for the visitor.

Participating artists:  Eileen White & Belinda Mitchell; Satu Viljanen, Malé Uribe Fores; Henryk Terpilowski; Joanna Sperryn-Jones; PARALAX project; Louise Scillitoe-Brown; Henry Rusted; Marta Pieregonczuk; Billie Penfold; Andy Metcalf; Christina Lovey; Jill Laudet; Lisa Kreuziger; Tom Hackett; Jacqui Grant; Esperanza Gomez-Carrera; Rachel Glass; Iggy Crespop; Liz Brown;; Keanu Arcadio; Jeannette Abi Khalil.

Curated by Ahmed Farooqui for the Degrees of Freedom artist group