Hours Gallery
Friday, December 7, 2018
Friday, December 28, 2018
10 Colston yard, Colston st, Bristol, BS1 5BD
South West England
Hours Space Gallery

Choosing as her subject, matter which would otherwise be discarded, Caroline reflects on her compulsion to hoard, recycle and compost; creating something new from what was once regarded as waste.

There is a beauty in things that fall apart, the imperfect and the derelict, which acts as a catalyst for reverie. Through this imaginative lens we may enter the beguiling and attractive world of the uncanny, where one thing appears to be something else and fleeting, half seen things become phantoms on the fringes of consciousness. Fabrics, sweet wrappers and other scraps, imbued with history and nostalgia, have been collected, magpie like, for their shimmer and texture and arranged until other shapes reveal themselves. These have then been recorded as observational still lives. Other works, created solely from memory and imagination, are informed and strengthened by these little scrap scapes.

Running alongside her wider art practise, these recent paintings form a complementary study, which stems from a desire to look more closely at the peripheral images which appear in her work. In this way, Fringe Things allude not only to the literal fabric fringes in the paintings, but also to a subject and study that exists on the edges.

Exhibition Launch 6-9 pm on Friday the 7th December. Open 11 am – 4 pm on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th. By arrangement till December 28th Free