Transition Gallery
Saturday, July 25, 2015
Sunday, August 16, 2015
unit 25a, Regent Studios, 8 andrews Road, Hackney, London, E8 4QN
Transition Gallery

Grounded: Both feet planted.

Grounded: Locality.

Grounded: the relationship of the viewers physical presence in the space to the work.

Grounded: A teenager gets a temporary set of boundaries.

Grounded: An unexpected reflection of the self- imposed limitations of the painter in the studio.

Grounded is an exhibition of new works by Chloë Manasseh and Jennifer Campbell that brings together their common concerns for travel and transformation within landscape. Traversing the boundaries of the painted image, the works sit in a restless space between the pictorial and the physical, with high regard for the manual application of paint.

Campbell’s practice acknowledges gravity as a symbol of physical presence, with the materiality of her paintings presenting a futile attempt for the image to become real. Each work embodies a temporary identity, with paint lending a flashy surface to the everyday material that she paints on.

Manasseh often omits the horizon completely, leaving the work in a vertiginous state. The upshot serves to destabilize the viewer, implying sensations of being overwhelmed and off balance.

Both artists view physical spectatorship as an activation point for their work. Manasseh plays with the ever-changing relationship between spectator and maker, resulting in a shifting connection between ideas of home, displacement, space and location, whilst Campbell’s work sits restless and eager for the gaze of the audience. Both painters temporarily embody a state of identity within their perceived landscapes, deconstructing, reducing and transforming what they visually perceive on a daily basis.