Blue Elephant Theatre
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blue Elephant Theatre 59a Bethwin Road (entrance on Thompson's Ave) Camberwell London SE5 0XT 020 7701 0100

HIDE AND SEEK In the aftermath of environmental devastation, where creatures roam the eath and humans are forced to scavenge or fight to survive, an old woman is followed by her memories, recycling and re-using them and the material objects around her. Is she still looking for hope? Can she find it in this dismal post-apocalyptic world? And more importantly, will she recognise it when she sees it? With movement, puppets, and original music, Shift Theatre presents a tragi-comic tale of hope and humanity in the most desparate of circumstances. Post-show discussions about the possible positive role the arts can take in environmental conservation, will take place immediately after the show on Thurs May 8th and Thurs May 15th. The show will also be accompanied by an exhibition by visual artists who will present their interpretations of the relationship of man to the natural world. The exhibition is feww. Open during performance hours, or call the theatre to arrange a viewing. Come and see us at the Blue Elephant Theatre soon!