20-21 Visual Arts Center
Saturday, May 21, 2011
Saturday, August 20, 2011
Church Square, North Lincolnshire DN15 6TB

An exhibition of large-scale sculptures and paintings by Abu Jafar ARBS 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is delighted to present a new exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Abu Jafar ARBS has worked in a wide range of mediums including painting, installation and sculpture. For his exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre he will be presenting ‘Hope’, a series of large-scale sculptures accompanied by abstract paintings, embodying his philosophies of light, nature, life-journeys and internationalism. The sculptures, positioned in 20-21’s exterior sculpture courtyard will be visible from both the interior of the gallery and from across the large Church Square area of the town centre; visitors will also be able to wander between the sculptures during gallery opening hours. “Abu Jafar is a committed and established artist with a strong exhibition record in the UK. His use of a rich range of media and breadth of concern have earned the artist the wide respect of his peers in London….”-Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, Director of Visual Arts, The Arts Council of England. UK“ Abu Jafar is a very energetic and gifted artist who has worked in a wide range of media, including installation/ performance as well as sculpture and painting.”-Isoble Johnston , Curator , Arts Council Collection London UK.