CRATE studio and project space
Monday, June 3, 2019
Sunday, June 16, 2019
Bilton Square, Margate CT9 1EE
South East England

House Meeting is an exhibition & series of conversations that will present the work of the Crate Programming team 2019-2020, and begin to open up some of the questions that will be explored throughout the upcoming programme.

Crate’s newly expanded programming team are focused on experimenting with collaboration, taking risks that push the boundaries of artistic practices and enabling space for research without the pressure of prescribed outcomes. We are committed to strengthening our output, audience and working spaces beyond traditional exhibition platforms, and engaging with the public and private spaces that surround us.

As programmers, the exhibition will not only present all of the artists’ individual and diverse practices, but will also provide an opportunity to question what it means to be an artist-curator, and how organising can be a key part of artist practice today. The show itself will be an experiment in curation, actively shifting and changing throughout the exhibition period.

‘House Meetings’ will take place at set times within the show, providing space for the team and members of the public to gather, chat, and discuss some of the issues facing artists today.

Together we will discuss: How do we continue to sustain a meaningful practice in times of precarity? What are the barriers to creativity? What is a sustainable practice? How do we make/produce? What is the function of the arts space in the community? How can we utilise our research and practice in a way that will benefit wider society? What does it mean to collaborate and why is working together important? How can we work together to create a caring and supportive network?