Thursday, June 1, 2017
Friday, June 30, 2017
Across UK
Digital Artist Residency

Ian Malhotra’s practice explores recurring themes of simulacrum, hyperreality and the digital. Using computer generated imagery as a source, I explore these found images innate qualities and the information they contain through manual reinterpretation using machine-like systems of drawing. This process also looks self-referentially at the nature of labour intensive, hand produced imagery and its fallibility versus the instantaneously mechanically reproduced imagery that surrounds us.


The digital residencies provide an online space for artists to develop works, ideas and practices. Digital Artist Residency is an online platform which provides space for digital artists to create and display new artwork. The initiative aims to provide support for artwork created using digital processes, exploring the boundaries of art and technology.


Malhotra will be exploring performative use of DAR’s online space that involves the participation of the viewer to fully realise the work. Every week Malhotra will upload new drawings which have been encoded, using different systems such as Morse and Binary code, allowing viewers around the world to use the provided tools and instructions to reproduce the original drawings themselves. In this way the performances are widespread and self-directed, mirroring the way a digital image is shared, downloaded and printed while engendering questions of labour value, self-testing and authenticity.