Saturday, September 17, 2011
Saturday, October 8, 2011
Crusader Mill, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2WH
North West England

‘The dictionary definition for, ‘In the Balance’, is given as; an undetermined or critical position. In both our personal and professional lives we are constantly trying- in the words of Depeche Mode- to, ‘Get the Balance Right!” Lucienne Cole (2011)In The Balance is an exhibition of new work by Lucienne Cole. Widely recognised as a performance artist, this exclusive solo show for Malgras|Naudet presents a development in her practice, continuing Cole’s interest in and love of popular culture, music and dance through installation and drawing.Malgras|Naudet is a new space for contemporary art, a space in which things might happen.Notes for editors: Please contact Helen Collett on +44 7825 88 47 39 or at [email protected]