Lansdown Gallery
Monday, February 4, 2019
Sunday, February 10, 2019
Lansdown Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1BB
South West England
Patricia Brien (curator)

INCENDIARY: set on fire
Incendiary is a multi-site exhibition involving more than 25 artists responding to the fire of industrial incinerators & combustion fallout on human & more than human ecosystems.

The initial idea came from a conversation between a direct action protestor Dr Gail Bradbrook

and the curator, Patricia Brien. It was a discussion around the persistence of industrial incinerators despite much public protest and debate.

Beyond the inferno-incinerator complex however, are the quotidian combustion engines – cars, buses, trucks, seacraft, aircraft – that expel airborne particulate matter via our roads, waterways, and skyways. Ecofeminist Donna Haraway suggests, it is important that humans ‘stay with the troubles’ and really, the environmental hazardslingering and merging with human and non-human ecosystemsguarantees that. This toxic persistence is particularly keen in the case of nuclear combustion sources.

The inferno-incinerator conjures the destructive power of elemental fire & borrows from a powerful fire / regenerationbinary association found in various mythologies. However, the fire / regeneration narrative urgently requires metamorphosis as things heat up. Images of Dante’s burning Inferno spring to mind as hyper consumption and subsequent waste fuels the fire and transforms it into toxic matter.

Artists exhibiting at Lansdown Gallery are:

Kaori Homma, Walking the Land Artist collective, Lisa Porch, Lydia Halcrow, Alice Sheppard Fidler, Annelies Egli, Nicholas Cheeseman, Karen van Kalmthout, Nikki Allford, Sabine Kussmaul, Simon Ross, Christopher Bowers, Jezella Pigott, Maria Jose Carvallo & Patricia Brien