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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
17 Dundas Street Edinburgh EH3 6QG
And Gallery

Initial Sighting 7th July – 1st August 2018


Tuesday to Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm


Cheshire artist SUSAN LAUGHTON worked in architecture for twelve years before returning to education to study art.  Her paintings and drawings evolve from half-remembered glimpses seen from the corner of the eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography, the dislocated reverie of long car journeys, or from more studied compositions.

Sussex artist JFK TURNER’s work is concerned with the unnoticed ephemeral elements of everyday life; found objects, marks, stains and the natural effect of time. The objects collected from the street form the basis of the work.

JOANNE HUMMEL NEWELL ( b.1982 UK) lives and works in Isle of Wight, trained at the Royal College of Art London and was hailed as ‘the next generation to turn its back on Emin and Hirst’s conceptual works’ by the Observer.

A graphic artist by profession, Canadian KARINE LEGER began to explore her interest in painting in the early 2000’s. Over the ensuing years, her artistic vision evolved through photography, collage and painting.