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Saturday, September 30, 2017
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Digital Artist Residency

Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency
1st Sept – 30th Sept 2017

Jules Findley is a part-time PhD candidate in mixed media Textiles at the Royal College of Art, and lectures at University of Brighton teaching Fashion Communication in the School of Art. Her work during the DAR Residency SEPTEMBER is concerned about maternal issues, materialising mourning using materials such as paper, paper clay with elements of ash, fire and water.

Linda Duvall is a Saskatoon-based visual artist whose work exists at the intersection of collaboration, performance and conversation. Her hybrid practice addresses recurring themes of connection to place, grief and loss, and the many meanings of exclusion and absence.

The digital residencies provide an online space for artists to develop works, ideas and practices. Digital Artist Residency is an online platform which provides space for digital artists to create and display new artwork. The initiative aims to provide support for artwork created using digital processes, exploring the boundaries of art and technology. 
‘Conversation Overseas’ is about the maternal loss during the Child Migration Programme (1853 -1967). The work deals with the sadness of maternal loss, a living loss, recognising obliteration in loss, having no body to bury as the children were overseas. The children had been lied to and been told their mothers had died, they had no choice but to go overseas.  
Both visual and media artists, Jules Findley based in UK, with Linda Duvall, based in Canada, in Saskatoon and Toronto. During the residency, Jules Findley will travel to Singapore, a port for supplies to ships travelling to Australia and New Zealand. Postings will be made from different locations in Canada, England and Singapore.