Thursday, June 18, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020
East England
Sue Nicholls


This exhibition (originally to be shown at Watersmeet Arts Centre in Rickmansworth) brings together a collection
of work by Sue Nicholls that explores the natural and manmade elements in a landscape that combine to give it a familiarity
and sense of place. This might be the distinctive outline of a stand of trees, the ridges and furrows of a ploughed field or the plants and flowers that add seasonal texture and colour to a stretch of land.

Sue’s main source of inspiration is the rural landscape surrounding her East Hertfordshire home – with it’s mixture of gentle hills, arable land and wooded areas their endless possibilities. She pulls together sketches and photographs of elements in the landscape that interest her, turning observations into collections of work that combine a variety of materials (including fabric, paper and thread) with a number of techniques – machine and hand embroidery, printing, line drawing and painting.