The Malthouse Gallery East Lambrook Manor Gardens,
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Monday, May 28, 2018
Silver Street, East Lambrook, TA13 5HH
South West England
East Lambrook Manor Gardens

Kate’s paintings are strong, well-composed and vibrant with a vision fresh and unburdened by expectations, paying homage to places of immeasurable beauty through colour and abstraction. Hidden treasures on the forest floor, streams, rocks and open spaces reveal wonderful colours from soft tones of trees to the play of light on mountains. Tasmania offers deep apricots of coral fern, emeralds and topaz, snow gums and eucalypts plus hazy blue-greys of the Cradle Mountain range – all a delight to the eye. Kate pushes the boundaries of tangible form giving just enough to lure us into her magical world. This is what good art should do: awaken us to seeing the world anew.

Jason Nosworthy, an emerging Somerset artist, harnesses his raw energy layering stunning hues of wild colour into organic and visceral canvases. With his training as a Landscape Designer he bridges the gap to unravelling the world around him in paint. His bold use of colour and often semi-abstract interpretations, results in intriguing and engaging art. Whether real or imagined, abstract or representational, his work is an innate response to his surroundings which can be interpreted as wilderness or managed rural landscapes. With his powerful expressionistic/impressionistic approach, the viewer is temporarily transported to somewhere special. The use of layers and colour throughout in his work heightens the senses and concludes in energetic works of art.