Castlefield Gallery
Friday, August 9, 2013
Sunday, August 18, 2013
2 Hewitt Street, Manchester, M15 4GB
North West England

Curated by CG Associate Sevie Tsampalla Some Misunderstanding [on Mondegreens and Pareidolias] is a Castlefield Gallery Launch Pad show that brings together eight artists from across Europe, the U.S. and the North West of England. Some Misunderstanding explores the idea of making sense of the world through misapprehension and draws from phenomena like mondegreens (mishearings of words or phrases, which in turn acquire new meanings) and pareidolias (the psychological phenomenon of connecting random sounds or images and seeing them as significant). Works include artist Dina Danish performing her own mondegreen as she strains to lip-sync to Gloria Gaynor’s‘I Will Survive’ under water. Cory Arcangel compresses Iron Maiden’s song ‘The Number of the Beast’ 666 times, referring to its history as a source of subliminal messages, and ‘corrects’ Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner using Apple’s auto-tune software and Jenny Core’s drawings encourage our inclination to recognise familiar patterns in abstract images. Launch Pads feature emerging talent from the region selected from CG Associate members’ submissions (three times a year) and the Ba and Ma in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art (once a year). For more information about CG Associates and Launch Pad visit